Letting Go…

For me letting go is a really hard thing to do, I feel like I need to hold on just a little bit longer, or things will get better and truthfully it’s the most draining difficult thing to do..holding on to people you should not be hanging on to. One thing I’m trying to teach myself is if I wake up every day and someone in my life has me feeling down trigger my happiness in a negative way they don’t belong. Why is it so hard to let go of people that truly don’t want the best for you but it’s so easy to let go the good ones?? …


Author: JLetstalk

I, Johnnique Johnson, I'm a full time college student studying to be a counselor/advocate for (AWCCA) and living in Toronto,ON. I always wanted to start my own blog and decided to finally accomplish that goal, I love writing whatever is on my mind at the time and what better way to express myself and hear from others.

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