Couple Days After Election.

So it’s been a couple days after the election and as we all know TRUMP was elected. Some people like myself are still in shock and just confused and others are very excited…

The way I feel about the election is..I feel like it was rigged, people that was suppose to vote never voted, this just shows me how messed up America is, and the people that stand with this man! (I’m Speechless). How can a man that’s so sexist, racist, ignorant, hateful, misogynist and a narcissist etc. be able to stand up and say “I the President!”.. ever since I heard he was running and his on-going bad behavior along with what goes on at his rallies, I’ve been slapped back into reality of what is really going on in the world. People, Racism is still alive and it’s still fresh. With this man running America he his opening doors for all types of violent and he is opening doors for all the racist to come from behind closed doors and show their faces and do what racist people do. I also truly feel that some people that voted for him is tired of what America has been offering especially to certain class (low-class people) they just want some type f change, and with a man like trump with a lot of money I think they feel like he would be great and be able to carry in his business mind set and make something different and good happen for them, but the reality is Trump doesn’t care about the people, not even his own “supporters” and by the way he talks and go on it’s very clear.

I’m just scared for our future and our children future as well, and for those people that really think they will not be affected by what is about to happen, they are in for the shock of their lives.

How do you feel about Trump being the president, and do you think our future is in for a deep awakening??…


Author: JLetstalk

I, Johnnique Johnson, I'm a full time college student studying to be a counselor/advocate for (AWCCA) and living in Toronto,ON. I always wanted to start my own blog and decided to finally accomplish that goal, I love writing whatever is on my mind at the time and what better way to express myself and hear from others.

12 thoughts on “Couple Days After Election.”

  1. Hi! Yes, I can imagine how you are feeling right now. The shock of his victory is such that even India, we felt it and I’m actually writing posts about him!
    It’s a pity that someone like him has been elected, but I think the world needs to see that end of the spectrum before they wake up and realize what the other end holds.

    P.S- It’s a great blog you have here 🙂

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  2. Hi this is Livingstone from India. You need to stop by here. It was said as one of tge major reasons why Hilary failed is that Americans refused to have a women as their president. I read it in a Newspaper and also I have read about Americans’ inbuilt thought of underestimating women. I may be wrong. I just read about this issue. Even I too wanted Hilary to be the president of USA. Unfortunate..

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    1. hey :), yea I actually live in Canada but whatever happens over there impacts us daily considering we do alot of business with them..but yes that is true I do believe that was a main issue in this year election..majority of the people didnt want a women as a president, and I do feel like if it was a next male running beside trump..trump probabaly wouldnt have won.

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  3. I tought I would support your blog by commenting. If you do you mind if I disagree?
    So don’t be offended, because I love Canada and Canadians!
    I think it is a false narrative that Trump is a sexist, racist, ignorant, hateful, misogynist and a narcissist. Well except for the narcissist part. 😉
    The best propagandist in the world tried to vilify and “kookify” Trump and all they could come up with, is the same old character attacks they use, every time, on everyone, that stands in their way. ….. These poisionheart progressives are not nice people and not your friends….
    The try to bitter people’s hearts, and try to assonate people’s character.
    And once people are angry and bitter they say, “you must make us champions to make life fair”.
    Just think about “why” progressives tend to be bitter and angry. It is not because they have bad personalities, it is because of poisionheart progressive propagandast make them angry!
    They do a lot of race, and gender agitation, and false accusations, just to keep people bitter.
    Happy people tend to vote Republican so they can’t let people be happy.
    Tell me if I am wrong! And I will listen. Good luck with your blog!

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    1. it’s ok to disagree, thanks for commenting. I hear what your saying…but how is he not those things when he fully say things that fit in those categorizes…i’ve never seen an election like this one, and i couldnt find a president or someone that wanted to run that is like trump….and I do agree that these poisionheart progressive are not for us nor nice people.


      1. You can find some statements but those are antidotal and do not represent the whole truth. He did have the worlds best opposition researchers and propagandist working to find anything the could to destroy him.
        The fact that they could only find a few statements, and some decades old almost proves he is a Saint.
        I am enjoying the discussion, and if you want I will comment again in a few days.
        Good luck with your new blog!

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