what does 100% mean to you? To me, when seeing 100% I think of a perfect mark..well that’s what we’ve been told growing up by our parents and teachers. But does such percentage really matter? I don’t really care for such a high percentage, no one is perfect.. we all can’t  give 100% especially when it comes to relationships, friendships, family, school and work. All we can do is try our best, give what we can. So if you wake up today and everyone around you wants you to give 100% in all that you do, don’t stress yourself, you give what you can. It doesn’t mean your life is over, your dumb, hopeless, lazy, it doesn’t mean any of those. We weren’t build to be perfect, so why should we wake up every morning feeling the need to give out that much. What you do is wake up in the morning decide what goal you want to accomplish today and try your best, do what you can… because some of the smartest/successful people in this world go through school and life giving 50% and be sitting exactly where they planned on being. My whole point is, and I had to tell myself this as well, is do not feel bad, hopeless, or give up because today you didn’t or couldn’t hit that 100% mark our parents and teachers filled our heads with…you can give 35%-50% and still reach your goals.

Do you think  going through life, daily plans and goals, 100% really matters?..

Author: JLetstalk

I, Johnnique Johnson, I'm a full time college student studying to be a counselor/advocate for (AWCCA) and living in Toronto,ON. I always wanted to start my own blog and decided to finally accomplish that goal, I love writing whatever is on my mind at the time and what better way to express myself and hear from others.

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